Taryn Raffan is a contemporary artist who documents, delivers and exhibits her work through a variety of mediums including performance, photography, printmaking, sound, video, sculpture, assemblage and installation. Raffan tends more towards the abstract, transient and impermanent methods of making quite often collaging and assembling elements of her work together to enhance the subjects and materials dialogue. Raffan’s work tinkers with notions of isolation, comfort, local and inanimacy often utilising found materials and landscapes to make comparable associations to ones connection to themes surrounding home, object and place. Raffan’s work offers as a congruent between what is seen as a stark reality and what is fantasised within societies ideas of attachment, belief and harmony.

Connecting, sharing and collaborating with others is as fundamental to her practice as is a sense of place. Collaborative project the-parcel, is an ongoing experiment Raffan partakes in with fellow artist and friend Michelle Heldon.

Having exhibited and participated in residencies in Australia, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and the Netherlands, Raffan's work belongs in private collections in Australia and overseas.